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Education Chatter: The Future of Education with Beatriz Pont

Education Chatter is an EFEE-affiliated YouTube channel and an independent space to discuss the wide variety of changes taking place in the education sector. As part of the EELW, this exclusive episode will be a chance to navigate policy, case studies and global education and delve into the world of educational leadership.

Passionate about education policy, change and school leadership, Beatriz Pont is currently the Global Training Practice Lead at UNESCO’s International Institute for Education Planning (IIEP). With a wealth of experience and expertise, Beatriz will share insights into topics such as the challenges and issues that current education systems face and the language gap between policymaking and schools. Join us for an interactive session, where you will have the chance to ask questions and engage in discussions with one of the most influential figures in shaping the future of teaching and learning.

See the agenda here.