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The first edition of the ELNE Journal is finally here! Inside you will find the Booklet of Best Showcases and much more.

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Who are we ?

The ELNE network is a passionate and committed community working to strengthen collaborative leadership in education in Europe. Founded on the conviction that quality education is at the heart of social progress, the ELNE brings together a diverse range of European, national, regional and local organizations, representing decision-makers, practitioners, researchers and other influential stakeholders in the education and training sector.

Our Partners

Our values

The ELNE firmly believes that excellent leadership is essential to ensure quality education. This is why we as a Network promote inclusivity and empowerment, fostering a diverse community of education stakeholders.

The ELNE aims to build a Network based on equity, quality, and sustainability and it is committed to the empowerment of teachers, school heads, students, parents and education providers. The network has a bottom-up leadership approach in which all stakeholders in education have a voice.

European Educational Leadership Week (EELW)

The ELNE will annually organise its flagship event, the European Educational Leadership Week (EELW), a week-long online forum made up of dozens of dynamic and innovative webinars collaboratively organised by the ELNE partners, associated networks, and other national organisations and universities, where educational research, school best practices, and on-going policy work will be shared with a wide audience of stakeholders.

In its first year of running, the European Educational Leadership Week (12th – 16th February 2024), is proud to have fostered 30 webinars with around  500 participants from 51 countries. 

The range of topics covered at the EELW included, but was not limited to, the attractiveness of the teaching profession, AI in education, exploring professional and digital learning communities. 

You can watch the webinar recordings in our youtube channel: