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Education Chatter: Skateboarding into Education with Onni Saltevo.

Education Chatter is an EFEE-affiliated YouTube channel and an independent space to discuss the wide variety of changes taking place in the education sector. As part of the EELW, this exclusive episode will be a chance to discover the innovative landscape in which education and skate culture converge to create a unique pedagogical approach. 

In 2023 Onni Saltevo, a professional skateboarder and pioneer teacher from Helsinki, launched a skateboarding track for his students, setting a new standard in education. This class has become a leading example in the educational world of how traditional subjects, skateboarding and creative disciplines intersect to foster a sense of community and create new skills for the students. Join us in learning how the students have experienced the positive outcomes of this unique environment through the inclusive and motivational atmosphere. Participate in a dynamic and interactive session where you can ask questions and engage in discussion with a key leader in defining the future of education.

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