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How the Empowering of Schoolboards can contribute to more collegial leadership and the transformation of schools into learning communities.

The Empowering of Schoolboards and management project was set up to foster democratic involvement of parents and students in the management process of education.  As parents are the key players in creating the environment for the child’s development, it is necessary to create better social conditions for a new generation of parents to better understand and live their role in society. 

In order to participate in developing the school environment, parents must take responsibility by participating in decision-making processes. Parents as decision makers must be educated and competent. Society needs national and international education programs for parents, the keywords of which are communication skills (management of development and conflicts, building up and holding relationships) and cooperation (collegial management). 

This webinar will present the project results, explain the strengths and challenges encountered and invite the panel to debate possible modifications as well as necessary adaptations to different contexts and the opportunities that they see in this model. 

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