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Integrated Digital Educational Leadership for the Future (IDEAL Future): Digital learning communities to support leaders and teachers as change agents.  

The pandemic has changed the traditional approaches to educational leadership.  Collaborative leadership models are necessary so leaders can develop and leverage from networks to pool resources, alleviate stress and reduce the complexity that they experienced during the pandemic (Harris, 2020). Key to this is the development of a learning culture and learning communities not only within schools but inter-institutionally between schools and supporting organisations (Jones, and Macpherson, (2006), This webinar will consider how to support digital learning communities at school and inter-school level and the role educational leaders can play in fostering foster teacher agency, collaborative leadership and enabling teachers as agents of change in a digital era. It will consider how to support learning communities across digital and physical spaces to broaden their professional learning experiences beyond their local context, providing them with opportunities to extend their learning. 

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