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International Teachers and the Potential for the Transformation of Schools.

Movement of persons is at the heart of the European Union (Bauloz, 2016). However, the academic literature is clear that teachers, who wish to work in their profession after migration, face considerable barriers as they seek to work in new jurisdictions. Many international teachers face rejection of previous qualifications, highly bureaucratic application and assessment processes, financial and time costs associated with applications and difficulties in passing language proficiency tests and frequently require re-credentialising (Proyer et al, 2022; Terhart, 2022). There have been several interventions within Member States with regard to the issue of teacher migration and bridging qualification programmes are carried out in some European countries (see ERASMUS+ networks R/EAUAL and ITTS; Krause, Proyer and Kremsner, 2023). Nevertheless, these actions have received little attention at a central level within the union. Growing out of these observations, it is felt that there is a need for a new initiative to pull together policy makers, practitioners, academics and others with a professional interest in the space of increasing teacher mobility to provide, for the first time, a unified European focus on this pressing issue. In the webinar we will, first, give an overview on the situation of international teachers in three different European countries. Second, we will point out the potential of the inclusion of international teachers for school transformation in Europe.

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