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How can EdTech companies and formal education connect? 

Educational technology, or the use of technology to facilitate learning, has been growing in the last decades and has gained particular attention during and following the recent pandemic, while the needs of educators keep evolving.  

  • How can formal education and EdTech companies connect? What are the benefits and possible challenges of doing so?  
  • Can educational technology support educators and contribute to the quality of teaching across Europe? Is this already happening? How? 
  • How can EdTech tools be co-designed by educators and companies to ensure relevance in the classroom and beyond?  

These are key questions that will be addressed during the webinar, while we will take a closer look at the current situation when it comes to relationships and collaboration between educators and EdTech companies in Europe. Good practices, benefits, possible challenges, and opportunities for (further) collaboration will be presented and discussed, as we will hear perspectives from Social Partners in education and from EdTech companies. Webinar participants will also be given the chance to share their views on the topics at stake.  

See the speakers and the agenda here.