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Media Education: a common endeavor for Parents, Teachers and Principals.

In the framework of the webinar, EPA would like to present its project HERMMES – Holistic Education, Resilience and Media Maturity in Educational Settings which is currently ongoing.  

One of the greatest challenges of our time is to help children and youngsters in the development of their media maturity and digital literacy. Technology is evolving by leaps and bounds every day. Parents, pre-school teachers, teachers and principals are constantly confronted with the fact that the children and young people in their care are using technology and are moving in virtual worlds that the adults responsible for them cannot even imagine. 

However, the question arises HOW they are using it, whether they are able to digest the contents, and whether they are aware of the dangers and pitfalls lurking in the digital world, and how to deal with these at different age levels. 

At the end of their school career, all pupils should be able to use the full range of analogue and digital media properly for their own education, participation in civil society and the labour market, whereas the timing and form of using digital media in education should be closely aligned with the developmental phases of children. Therefore, parents, teachers and researchers have joined their resources, and aim to work towards helping children and youngsters become resilient and media mature citizens who can make their own informed choices. 

In the webinar we’ll focus specifically on the different roles of various stakeholders and how they can work together to foster holistic education and resilience among the whole school community as well as giving some practical examples of how media education can be done and computational thinking can be fostered even without digital devices. 

See the agenda and speakers here.